family support,, social inclusion)





Hand of Solace offers  Support, friendship and help to disadvantaged young people and their families from deprived background in Aberdeen who due to their family circumstances, past experience of bully, discrimination, stigmatization, racism, assaults etc  are now experiencing  Low or limited aspirations, Low confidence/esteem, Weak sense of personal identity, Undeveloped ‘soft skills’, isolation etc. 

Hand of Solace offers support by by training volunteers to visit young people and their  families and offer them informal, friendly and confidential support in their own home and within the community.




 The befriending service aims to enable young people feel included and confident by involving and supporting them to take charge fully of activities. Young people will be enabled to develop, deliver and evaluate activities. Our volunteers shall use positive role modelling to empower and improve young people’s self-confidence, self-esteem and independence. We have developed our befriending sessions to be tailored to young people's individual  needs.



The programme:

Participating young persons are those experiencing poverty with a combination of the following:


·         Low or limited aspirations

·         Low confidence/esteem

.         Isolated young people

·         Weak sense of personal agency

·         Limited understanding of career opportunities

·         Undeveloped ‘soft skills’





Note: Should you wish to access the service, please contact us using the contact details below  or the referral forms which you can find through this link -