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Aberdeen Black Ethnic Women Service(ABEWS)

Women from Black Ethnic background who live in Aberdeen City and Shire have mentioned that it will be supportive for them to have the opportunity to often meet with other women from similar background to share and discuss issues affecting them and how to manage their challenges.

Women have also stated that they need a cultural tailored system and accessible support channel to help them manage difficult situations and easily access local resources.

Hand of Solace is excited to bring you this supportive service to stand by Black Ethnic Women in Aberdeen so they can flourish and thrive.

Join us and become a member of our community today!


Areas of Support:
We offer non-monetary support in the area of:
-Social Adjustment
-Social Isolation
-Family related Support
-Domestic Violence
-Support to access local resource
-Child related issue
Where the support you require fits our areas of support, we shall support you as best we can which may in some circumstances require us to work with another local organisation to provide you the best outcome. In such circumstance, we need our women to cooperate and engage fully with us and the organisations we are working with to allow set goals to be achieved .

Who is this for: 


The service supports Black Ethnic women who live in Aberdeen City/Shire .

How to Access the Services:

Please use the form below to register to the service you wish to access. You can also use the form to book an appointment to access our One to One Support Session or our Urgent/Emergency Support Session.

If you only wish to attend the Women Group you do not need to book any appointment, please skip the appointment fields while completing the form.

One to One Support

This service supports women who need one to one support especially where there is significant confidential situation.

 Urgent/Emergency Support Session for Black Women

This service offers a quicker appointment and support to Black Women in Aberdeen to reduce or manage difficult situations.

N B: When you complete an appointment booking for the Urgent /Emergency Support Session, we shall assess and confirm that the situation is reasonably an emergency prior to confirming the appointment for you in an email. Therefore you must allow at least 4 hours (within 9am- 4pm) for you appointment to be confirmed. If we thought the situation is not a significant emergency, we shall contact you still and offer you a One to One support appointment.
Aberdeen Black Ethnic Women Group (ABEWOG)


This service offers an opportunity for Black Ethnic Women in Aberdeen to meet more often through various group social activities, meet new people ,Relax, Learn wellbeing tip through social interaction , Develop confidence and new skills , Empower Black Ethnic Women by educating them to understand their rights, to fear less and not to hesitate to seek help whenever they need it. 

Our women group is an all fun and exciting situation

NB: This service maintains a dedicated WhatsApp group to enhance communication, community building, collaboration, and networking among our members, fostering a supportive and engaging environment for all Black Ethnic Women using the service. It is however your choice to join the WhatsApp group or not.

Register to use any ABEWS:

What is your expected outcome of using the service

Thanks for submitting!

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