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Fundraising and Events


Get active. Go fundraising. Have fun. There are many ways you can help raise money to support isolated/Lonely people.


Bake a cake

Who doesn’t enjoy cake?  A bake sales and coffee mornings are a great excuse to eat cake AND raise money for a good cause


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Host a Dinner Party


If you enjoy entertaining friends, why not host a dinner and agree a donation that each guest will make to Hand of Solace for attending the dinner party?

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Sponsored anything

Swim, walk, run, silence and pie eating! Most things can be sponsored so the choice is yours. What would your friends and colleague consider an absolute challenge or daring? Maybe they think you're inseparable from your iphone or unable to not get the car everywhere. Prove them wrong and some raise money to help Isolated /Lonely people.

Create your own Event


Whatever event you hold, your support will go a long way in helping Isolated and Lonely people.

Fundraising Top Tips

  • Make sure your fundraising page is compelling and explains your motivation.

  • Time your donation request as people are more likely to be generous with their sponsorship after pay day.

  • If you are a UK tax payer, registering for Gift Aid means  that the taxman will add 28p to every pound you raise.

  • Ask close friends and family to donate first as other people may then match their generosity.

  • Tell people what your fundraising target is and what their contribution will help achieve for your charity.

  • Add some perspective around a suggested donation e.g. £10 might mean your supporter giving up a takeaway.

  • Set yourself small weekly fundraising targets rather than thinking about a daunting total target.

  • Get friends and family to spread the word about your fundraising too – they’ll be keen to help you get more sponsors.

  • Mention your fundraising event in your answerphone messages, email signatures, notice boards, anywhere you can!

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