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We Move Project

Hand of Solace "WE MOVE PROJECT" is a youth social action project supported by BBC Children in Need "Youth Action Fund". 

This project is aimed to empower and support children and young people from Black Ethnic Communities in Aberdeen, to engage in social action to address issues that matters to them. 



Young people in Aberdeen participating in the "WE MOVE PROJECT" have chosen to use craft, arts , social speeches and use of environment /nature to to reimagine social isolation and how it impacts on their health and wellbeing. The project shall also address how 'Young Blacks' in Aberdeen may be supported to manage the disadvantages they face.

Young people shall be empowered and supported to run their social action project to achieve their objectives.

The project accepts black children and young people 5- 16 years in Aberdeen (By Black we mean - Black African, Caribbean, Afro-Latinx descent, or Black with mixed heritage).


How to Get Involved

The "WE MOVE PROJECT" has limited space. Young people who meet the project requirement are accepted on a first come basis. 

If you would like to refer a child to the project, please click on the link below to complete the online referral form.

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