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Before completing and sending in this referral, please ensure that you have read the programme guideline which you can find here: or on the family fund website:
You may also download our guideline for applying to be referred to the programme here: BBC CIN Emergency Essentials Referring Guideline

Please complete all the fields to avoid any delays in sending out your application.

Note: A responsible person would normally be the main carer for the children/young people in the household. If you are applying for a young person aged 17 or above who lives independently, please use their name here as well as in the child details section.

Please Note: If you have answered 'no' to any of the above questions, please provide further information below to enable the application to be considered further by the Children in Need Emergency Essentials team:

Supporting Document:   Please provide any documentation which may support this application. You can send the relevant information to  at the same time you sent in the referral form.

Tell us about this children or young peoples' circumstances or difficulties that have resulted in them being considered vulnerable. Give as much detail as possible to evidence how these circumstances meet the Emergency Essentials criteria.

Information must focus on the children or young people, their circumstances and how they impact on their life.

Tell us about the emergency or unexpected occurrence that has led to this application and how it impacts the child or young person. Give as much detail as possible including why there is an immediate need for the help.

(Are any of the child/young person’s day-to-day activities limited because of a health problem or disability which has lasted, or is expected to last at least 12 months?)

Your information shall be assessed to meet the requirement for the programme and the referral shall be sent out within 3 days if you do meet the eligibility. We shall contact you if you do not meet the eligibility or if more information is required.


You must also download and complete the Programme Applicant Consent Form  (which you can find here: , please upload it to this form.


Please Note: Decision on whether or not a request is granted is solely at the discretion of BBC Children in Need Emergency Essential Programme. Your referrer has no influence over requests application outcome.

Upload BBC CIN Emergency Essentials Applicant Consent Form
Upload Any Supporting Document

Applicant Declaration     

By submitting the application and ticking the box:

  • I have obtained an appropriate record of consent to disclose all personal information within this application to Hand of Solace BBC Children in Need Emergency Essential Referrer in accordance with -Hand of Solace Privacy Policy, Principles on Personal Data and Principles of Data Protection- 

Your application has been submitted!

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