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This is aimed to be a festival which will incorporate group cultural and social activities, social gathering, merriment etc for every member of the Aberdeen community aimed at  promoting diversity, reducing isolation, promoting self- confidence/self-esteem and communal integration. The organization aims to promote an inclusive community where people can integrate irrespective of background such as- age, belief, gender, disability, race, social background etc.


 The project is thought to provide a thrilling feeling of belonging to people considering the fact that everyone   could comfortably attend as there is no financial barrier to the festival.

Our Objective -

We aim to reduce social isolation and improve sociability, to promote emotional and physical health and well-being, to Improve self-confidence and esteem among

marginalised members of the community , to promote community cohesion and to provide opportunities for participants to influence the future of the project.



2019 Festival

Hand of Solace 2019 Peace and Integration Promotion Festival 

14th of December, 2019. 

2pm - 6pm @ 



Lot of exciting activities all stalked up for the day to allow you have a fun and memorable time. 

Activities for the day includes:


-Circus from London ( Fire performance also included).

- Brazilian Dance Exhibition from Manchester 

-Bollywood Dance Exhibition 

- African Dance Exhibition 

- Exclusive DJ 

- Face Painting

- Bouncy Castles

- Catering to meet diverse choices.





2018 Festival


Thanks to the UK National Lottery for funding this year's event.

Date: Saturday 23rd June,  2018

Venue: Mile- End School ,AB15 5LT. Aberdeen.Scotland.

Time is 2.00pm - 6.30pm

Everyone is respectfully invited.Come and Enjoy the thrilling feeling of Peace and Communal Togetherness.

If you need further details or information, please contact us through the organisation contact details which you can find below.

Below are some of the photos and videos from the 2018 Peace and Integration Promotion Festival. Some videos could also be found by following the link :      

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