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Volunteering as a -Volunteer Family Mentor (CAFDAAS)



Volunteer Family Mentor visits the families they support in their own homes on a regular basis, whilst working under the guidance of Hand of Solace Children and Families Drug and Alcohol Service.


We recruit our volunteer family mentors from all walks of life, all backgrounds.

A Volunteer Family Mentor must be over 18 years old and have an interest in helping people, both parents and children.


 Where possible, Volunteer Family Mentor are linked with children and families who has similar interests/background and this is all dependent on the identified need of the service user. The matching is reviewed regularly and is for a maximum of one year with any one client/family. Some Volunteer Family Mentors have more than one client.

With the support of a Volunteer Family Mentor , a family can make positive changes to help keep their children and family happy, healthy and safe.


The support Volunteer Family Mentors gives will depend on the need of the client/family. 

Desirable Qualities

 These include

  • Listening skills.

  • Ability to motivate and encourage others

  • Sense of humour

  • Honesty and reliability

  • Patience and understanding

  • Volunteers Family Mentors are asked to respect different cultural values and work in a non-discriminatory manner. They are understanding, rather than judgmental about a people's situation and circumstances.

We Provide

  • Full training and support from throughout your time volunteering

  • Future references

  • Reasonable out of pocket expenses, including travel costs.


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