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Hand of Solace

Children and Families Drug and Alcohol Support (CAFDAAS) Referral Form

If you are a parent or carer who wish to refer your family to this service, you only need to fill in the details of one eligible child and we shall follow up for other relevant information. If you are a professional referring a family, please fill in the detail of one child from the family and we shall follow up for other relevant information. 


Please note that this service only support families where there is a child/children being affected by either their own drug/alcohol use or affected by a family member's drug/alcohol use.

Before completing and sending in this referral, please ensure that you have read our CAFDAAS guideline and eligibility which you can find here:
Please complete all the fields to avoid any delays in assessing your referral.

(Please note that incomplete forms will be returned to referrer).

Support Objectives:     

What do you hope your CAFDAAS involvement will achieve? Please tick the top three that most apply:

Compulsory Fields

To ensure your child/family is able to participate and enjoy a range of opportunities during their support from from Hand of Solace, we ask that you complete the following health information. Any information that you give about a child’s disabilities or health condition will be used to help Volunteers Family Mentors make support more accessible for your child/family. We recommend that you speak to the Project Coordinator about support and adjustments the service can provide.

We sometimes take photos and/or videos during our activities. Please indicate below your preference for the way in which we can use the photos of your child.

Risk Assessment:

Your information shall be assessed to meet the requirements for the service. The referral shall be assessed within 7 days and we shall contact you whether or not you do meet the eligibility , if we have any spaces, or if more information is required.


Please Note: Hand of Solace operates an equal opportunities policy therefore every application will be prioritised and assessed following the service assessment criteria which you may find on the service page on our website.

Upload any Risk Asessment
Upload Any Supporting Document

 I have obtained an appropriate consent from the child's main carer to disclose all personal information within this application to Hand of Solace CAFDAAS in accordance with -Hand of Solace Privacy Policy, Principles on Personal Data and Principles of Data Protection, see- 

Your referral has been submitted!

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