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Hand of Solace

              Referral Form

Please complete an application for each child you wish to refer.


Please note that this project only support children/young people aged 5-16 years living in Aberdeen.

(Please note that incomplete forms will be returned to referrer).

Support Objectives:     

What do the Child expect their participation in the  Project will achieve? Please tick the top three that most apply:

Risk Assessment:

Your information shall be assessed to meet the requirements for the service. The referral shall be assessed within 7 days and we shall contact you whether or not you do meet the eligibility , if we have any spaces, or if more information is required.


 I have obtained an appropriate consent from the child's main carer to disclose all personal information within this application to Hand of Solace in accordance with -Hand of Solace Privacy Policy, Principles on Personal Data and Principles of Data Protection, see- 

Your referral has been submitted!

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